Why Pair

Cities Running on PAIR

PAIR understands the Complexity of Policy-making at scale


12.5M citizens
20,000 taxis


13M citizens
10,000 taxis

Policy Advisory Board

Working hand in hand with regulators from the main cities in Asia

Shenzhen Transport Commision

12.5M citizens
20,000 taxis
40,000 private-hire vehicles

Guangzhou Transport Commision

13M citizens
22,000 taxis
40,000 private-hire vehicles

Chengdu Transport Commision

13M citizens
10,000 taxis
80,000 private-hire vehicles

Research & Development

Industry-Academic collaboration for open mobility data platform:

University of California

Berkeley, USA

Renewable & Appropriate Energy Laboratory
Area: Shenzhen template for EV innovation and adoption

Tsinghua University

Beijing, China

Energy Internet Research Institute
Area: Modeling and evaluation of the charging of EV taxi fleet

Sichuan University

Chengdu, China

School of Electrical Engineering
Area: Data driven fare setting / Energy footprint of taxi fleet

Singapore University of Technology and Design


Lee Kwan Yew Center for Innovative Cities
Area: Urban Innovation