Digital infrastructure
for urban mobility

Propelling taxis into the future

Taxis can play a key role in the future of smart transportation. We are here to make it possible.

We built an open system that integrates all stakeholders in a single platform, leveraging on shared resources and collective intelligence to catalyze innovation and allow the best ideas to emerge.

We believe in technology powered by collaboration. Forward, together.


Taxi Network Management System
Data visualization
Smart analytics
Real-time fleet management
Smart Hub

Metropolitan Taxi Network

On-demand mobility services
Booking Apps
Niche features
Big Customers
Last Mile
Taxi Infrastructure & Services
Taximeter-brand agnostic
Payment Processor
Taxi Dispatch
Driver Qualification
Services for driver and vehícle

How it works?

We provide a holistic solution that balances policy and technology

  • Empowering taxis to modernize their service.
  • Providing regulators with the necessary tools to ensure a safe, fair and optimum operation.
  • Catalyzing innovation via an open ecosystem of mobility services.

Benefits of being connected under a single platform

  • Safety (and fair play) /authority monitoring
  • Coverage /scale
  • Shared resources / scale, data, best ideas to stand out
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